Badis assamensis

3. September 2021

Badis assamensis is the largest of all Badis species and can reach 8 cm in length. Accordingly, it is somewhat more predatory than the other chameleon fish. The species originates from northern India (Assam). There the animals inhabit clear, relatively fast flowing waters within sight of the Himalayan Mountains. In the hot season water temperatures rise to 26-28°C for weeks and during the rainy season (monsoon season) they drop very quickly to 16-20°C.

Like all chameleon fish, B. assamensis does not accept dry food, only frozen or live food. Large males can be somewhat quarrelsome among themselves, so provide sufficient hiding places. The sexes are difficult to distinguish with certainty, females usually have a slightly convex abdominal line, males a slightly concave one. The coloration of B. assamensis, like any chameleon fish, can change very quickly, it is of no use in distinguishing the sexes.

The fish are typical cave breeders. The eggs are pinned to the wall of a cave and guarded by the male alone. With the free swimming of the young fish the brood care ends.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer