Chandramara chandramara, Rama rama, and Batasio tengana

8. February 2016

mottled dwarf catfish, Chandramara chandramara, is a really nice guy
from India. It becomes only 5 cm long and is absolutely peaceful. So it
is an ideal tankmate for a comunity tank, for example with other
ornamentals from Bengal, like the zebra danio, the rosy barb, or the
dwarf gourami. Chandramara chandramara has been described scientifically
in 1822, but it was re-discovered only in 1972.

with Chandramara another, very similar catfish was described: Rama
rama. This catfish does not only sound similiar, it also looks like a
sibling. The main difference between the two is the fact, that Rama rama
is overall translucent and has not clear pattern at all. We have
sometimes specimens among our Chandramara that are so translucent, but
it is hard to say if they represent Rama rama or not.

third, also very similar species, was also described in the same work
1822, but only rediscovered in 2006: Batasio tengana. We now found for
the first time ever some specimens among our Chandramara. In fact the
look almost alike Chandramara, but are much more slender and have a
pattern of longitudinal stripe instead of irregular spots. Sometimes –
this is mood depended – the stripe in the middle of the body is
dissolved to a row of spots. Most often – but this is also mood depended
– a black humeral spot is shown. Batasio tengana becomes only 5 cm long
and is one of the smallest members of the genus.

species mentioned like clear water with some some current. They are day
active schooling fish, the ideal water temperature is between 22 and
26°C. The readily take any usual food for ornamental fish.

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Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer