Gymnotus stenoleucus

11. July 2019

The knifefishes of the genus Gymnotus are the most attractive knifefishes at all – at least in respect of the coloration. They are so to say small Electric Eels. However, the electric impulses produced by Gymnotus are much weaker. They are used only for communication and for orientation and can be compared with the echolocation of the bats. Species of Gymnotus are medium sized fishes and reach a total length between 10 and 40 cm.

Sadly all members of the genus are very aggressive against conspecifics. So it is extremely difficult to keep them in groups. This is a sad thing, for at least one of the numerous species of Gymnotus has been proven in the meantime to be a mouthbrooder. So a lot of interesting observations can expected during a successful breeding.

Gymnotus stenoleucus is one of the smaller species of the genus. So far no specimens longer than 15 cm have been reported. Our specimens originate from Peru.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer