Hypancistrus sp. L236 bred

22. October 2012

Hypancistrus sp. L236 Nachzuchten Hypancistrus sp. L236 Nachzuchten Hypancistrus sp. L236 Nachzuchten

Zebra plecos from the Rio Xingu and its affluents are banned for exportation for years already. Even at the times when a legal exportation was possible, L236 from the Rio Iriri (an affluent of the Xingu) was extremely rare and only few specimens were caught per year.

The specimens we currently have in stock are German bred ones, very stable animals with a bright white basic coloration. Only very few specimens go on sale in the wholesale trade per year, for the demand on these fishes is so high that the breeders are literally sold out permanently. Like all these types of Hypancistrus, L236 has a very variable pattern. So each specimen can be identified by its individual coloration.

For our customers: the fish have code 26480-L 236X-1 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Available in very limited numbers only!

Lexicon: Hypancistrus: a combination of the words “hypo”, which means “less than” and “Ancistrus”, which is another genus of catfish; the name refers to the low number of teeth in Hypancistrus.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Nachzucht / bred
Verfügbare Größe in cm 3-4