Leporinus mormyrops

6. July 2007

This representative of the large family of headstanders will not be growing more then 25 cm in length. It originates from the Amazon River in South America. They are peaceful herbivores but can become territorial towards fish of their own species. Theyneed a large fish tank with clear water, a gravel substrate, bogwood and hardy plants like Java fern or Anubias. They eat flake food with a large vegetarian content, duckweed, salad but also frozen food will be taken eagerly. It has been reported that in their natural habitat these fish feed mainly on freshwater sponges. The headstanders are mostly hardy fish and can be kept together very well with peaceful South American cichlids like Heros or Geophagus species. (Photo: Erwin Schraml, Text: Izaak den Daas)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Brasilien