Rasbora daniconius

6. July 2007

The slender rasbora inhabits a very large area in Southeast Asia. From the Malaysian peninsula to the Mekong and the Indus it occurs in the a variety of habitats: channels, ponds, flooded (rice) fields and slowly flowing rivers. Due to the enormous area and the adjustment to different waters types it can be assumed that R. daniconius does not place excessive requirements against the life in the aquarium. As long as you avoid extreme maintenance conditions slender rasboras will do fine. For this to an overall length of 15cm growing fish, the tank should not be too small (1 m), they need space being very active swimmers. With varied feeding and regular partial water changes this undemanding species an nearly ideal fish for beginners. (Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar