Hillstream loach week at Aquarium Glaser! Part 4: Chinese Rarities

27. March 2009

Vanmanenia pingchowensis
Only three specimens of this attractive species were imported recently. The fish are about 8 cm long and seem to be almost fully grown. The species is found in mountain strams, where they live on the bottom between pebbles.

Erromyzon sinensis
This is a small species, reaching hardly 5 cm. It is interesting that they differ much in coloration. Some specimens are almost uniform brown while others have a pattern of fine stripes. The species is restricted to the West River.

Sinogastromyzon wui
This is the only hillstream loach of today´s update that we have more or less regulary in stock. They are very pretty and reach around 6 cm in total length. The species is found on the island of Hainan and in the Zhujiang River on the Chinese mainland. Golden (xanthotistic) specimens occur regularly. Normally the basic colour of the fish is a warm brown.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer