New Tiger Loaches from Indonesia

23. March 2016

Tiger Loaches (Syncrossus) have been placed in Botia formerly. The
members of Syncrossus have a very sharp head. Currently 6 species are
recognized, two of them from Indonesia, namely Syncrossus hymenophysa
and S. reversus. Both can be easily told apart, for B. hymenophysa has
dark tiger stripes on a light ground, B. reversus light tiger stripes on
a dark ground.

we obtained Syncrossus from Indonesia that cannot be safely applied to
one of the two species mentioned, although they are definitively closer
to S. hymenophysa than to S. reversus. But the fish remind one much more
to the also undetermined species of Syncrossus that appeared some years
ago in the market and said to come from Laos.

the stripes on the flanks of the new Syncrossus from Indonesia vary a
lot in number, the coloration of the fins is very uniform in all
specimens observed. Most probably the new Tiger Loach will reach a
maximum length of 15-20 cm as reported in the other Tiger Loaches. All
Syncrossus are known to be quite aggressive fish. They should be kept in
large aquaria with a lot of hiding places and in groups. At least five
specimens are needed, otherwise the fish cannot develop their quite
complex social behaviour.

our customers: the fish have code 401001 (3-4 cm) and 401102 (4-6 cm)
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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer