A new algae-eater from Burma: Garra vittatula

3. August 2016


We abtained for the first time ever this species of Garra. In this genus it is currently impossible to guarantee the exact determination of the species, for a hughe number of species is described and most of them look extremely similar to each other. Our fish at least are very close to G. vittatula.


All species of Garra are good algae eaters and are usually kept rather for that purpose than due to the coloration. However, well established G. vittatula look quite attractive, maybe because they often show a reddish caudal fin. There is one very obvious behaviour in G. vittatula: it is extremely social. The specimens regulary search for conspecifics. So this species should be kept in small schools composed of at least 5 specimens. Maximum size reported for Garra vittatula in scientific literature is about 6-8 cm, so our specimens are probably fully grown already.




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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer