Dwarf Tetras from Peru 1: Trochilocharax ornatus

19. July 2016


This tetra is again a species new to science, and was firstly imported by our company in April 2003, from Peru. Recently we were able to import it again. It has provisionally been designated as “Heterocharax sp. – Orange-tailed glass tetra”, or “crystal rainbow tetra”. Sometimes is was also named “Tyttocharax sp.”.


Now the species has been described scientifically by A. Zarske who also erected a new genus for the fish. The paper can be downloaded for free under http://www.vertebrate-zoology.de/vz60-2/01_Vertebrate_Zoology_60-2_Zarske.pdf.


Depending on the lighting, these barely 2 cm long jewels are shimmering blue or transparent. This dwarf tetra is extremely lively and has so far proved very amenable to aquarium life.


Males and females can easily be distinguished from each other, for the males have a prolonged dorsal fin and colourful ventrals.


For our customers: the Fish has code 258333 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Lexicon: Heterocharax: means “different Charax”. Charax is another genus of tetra. Trochilocharax: derived from the scientific family name for hummingbirds, Trochilidae, which is formed from the ancient Greek word “trochilos”, used by Aristotle for a small bird. Charax is another genus of tetra. ornatus: Latin, means “decorated”. Tyttocharax: ancient Greek, means “tiny charax”. Charax is another genus of tetra.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer