The robertsi-tetra has a valid name now

22. December 2014

1958 a beautiful and popular tetra from Peru is trade under the name of
“Hyphessobrycon robertsi”. However, this name is a pure invention and
never ever a scientific description for the tetra appeared.

In a
scientific study on the relationship of the “rosy tetras” to which the
robertsi-tetra belongs, Stanley Weitzman and Lisa Palmer suggested 1997
that the fish might be conspecific to Hyphessobrycon bentosi.

Axel Zarske from Senckenberg Museum in Germany has published a new
study on the theme. He compared H. bentosi with the robertsi-tetra
carefully and found a number of differences. So he described finally the
robertsi-tetra under the new scientific name Hyphessobrycon
jackrobertsi as a valid species. The specific name “jackrobertsi” honors
the discoverer of the species, Jack Roberts from Miami, who was already
meant with the invalid name “robertsi”.

we have beautiful wild collected animals of the species in stock. By
the way: the specimens that form the type series of H. jackrobertsi also
originate from our fishhouse.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer