Further species of Corydoras from Peru

31. July 2013

Our last newsletter presented to you some Corydoras from Peru we currently have in stock. However, there are many more attractive species of that genus in Peru. Here are another four of them that can be currently recommended.

Corydoras reticulatus – a very beautiful, deep-bodied cory with golden-green shine. Code 243504 on our stocklist.

Corydoras leopardus xl – the long-snouted species, counterpart of Corydoars julii and C. trilineatus. Very nice fish! Code 233405

Corydoras rabauti – this pretty species has been named in honour for the discoverer of the neon tetra, A. Rabaut. Code 243004

Corydoras virginae (C4) – an extraordinary species with an extraordinary pattern, very attractive! Code 240604

Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer