New, rare Corys

27. May 2014

We received recently a larger
shipment of beautiful, fully grown Corydoras burgessi. The import
contained some bycatches. A closer look on them showed that they
represent species that have not been reported yet from the area of the
upper Rio Negro (where C. burgessi is collected).

CW 89

Initially we
thought that these fish would represent C 39, a heavily build fish that
reminds in all other respects in C. imitator. But the black band on the
back of C 39 runs exclusively above the middle of the body, while in our
specimens this band runs through the middle of the body to the lower
border of the tail as it is well known from C. melini. This feature fits
to CW 89 that is, however, reported so far only from Colombia (Rio

C 84

What has been
found in CW 89 is also true for C 84. Our shipment contained only four
specimens of this charming, rund-nosed species. C 84 is reported until
now also only from the Brazilian/Colombian  border (Rio Tiquié). The
coloration of our fish differs hardly. Obviously CW 89 and C 84
represent a species pair of a longsnouted and a roundsnouted species of

C 140?

We are not really
sure about the identity of this beautiful “longnose-burgessi” that is
represented by three specimens only so far. The body shape and pattern
fit very well to C 140, but our fish have a bright shining orange spot
(as in C. burgessi). This is not observable in the photos of C 140
published so far. The “longnose-burgessi” is a very striking species.
Possibly we will be able to import a larger number of them in the near
future. We are sure that this beautiful fish is an enrichment for the
aquarium hobby.

For our customers: the Corydoras sp. CW 89 has
code 216304 and the stocklist-name “melini longnose” on our stocklist.
Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer