Once more: four Corydoras from Peru

31. July 2013

We want to prolong our small news series on wild collected Corydoras from Peru once more; we simply have so many beautiful species in stock! And here we go:

Corydoras cf. sychri C97
Magnificent, large animals, available only very occasionally and in small numbers. Code 247024 on our stocklist.

Corydoras leucomelas
An ideal cory for smaller community tanks; this species attains a maximum length of 4 cm only. Code 233503 (md) and 233504 (md-lg).

Corydoras arcuatus
A real classic and simply beautiful. We have two sizes in stock, among them some xlg-animals (photo). Code 222003 (md) and 222005 (xlg).

Corydoras sp. C91
This fish is scientifically still undescribed and a real rarity. Very attractive! Code 229603

Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer