The cory season has started!

31. July 2013

All over Amazonia the season for Corydoras has started now. Currently we received a great number of wonderful and very rare species, which we want to present to you in the next newsletters. Let´s start with some especially remarkable species from Peru:

Corydoras aeneus Neon Red Stripe
This is probably a very colorful variety of the much sought after CW10. In “Red Stripe” the magnificent dorsal stripe seems to be more reddish instead of yellowish. Code: 221033

Corydoras aeneus Neon Green Stripe
This fish is available only a short time each year and in limited numbers only. Code: 221055

Corydoras fowleri
A fantastic, large Corydoras, very variable regarding coloration. Code: 229804

Corydoras semiaquilus
Very similar to Corydoras fowleri, it may be that both belong to the same species. Code: 244553

Corydoras narcissus II
Only seldom available and in small numbers only. Beautiful animals! Code: 237206

Corydoras julii
New season. fantastic fish! (we know: the Peruvian population belongs to the species C. trilineatus…). Code: 232505

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer