Finally available again after many years: L354

23. October 2014

are glad that we were able to import once more the pretty L354 from the
Rio Iriri. The species has been described scientifically under the name
of Spectracanthicus zuanoni in early 2014. The scientists declare them
conspecific with L20 from the Rio Xingu (the Rio Iriri is an affluent of
the Rio Xingu). However, L20 has much smaller spots. In the very same
scientific paper the genus Oligancistrus has been declared as a synonym
of Spectracanthicus.

we are very glad to see the beautiful animal again in our fishhouse!
Spectracanthicus zuanoni attains a maximum length of about 15 cm.

our customers: the fish have code 26480-L 354-2 (6-8 cm) and
26480-L354-3 (8-10 cm) on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively
supply the wholesale trade. Available in limited numbers only!

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer