Three new Chaetostoma from Peru!

14. March 2011

Sometimes we are really lucky and months of hard work and planning find an end in a successful importation of new or very rare species. This happend recently and a shipment from Peru contained not less than three new and spectacular Chaetostoma! These fish are at least new for the hobby and possibly also new to science.

The most spectacular is for sure Chaetostoma sp. “Tiger”, which has a whitish to bright yellow pattern on a dark brown to black ground.

Chaetostoma sp. “Tingo Red” is quite similar, but it shows a very intensive orange red coloration of the caudal fin, a more metallic basic colour and a less contrasting pattern.

Finally, Chaetostoma sp. “Pisqui River”, also quite similar to the preceeding, but with a stronger pattern.

All varieties are quite variable regarding coloration and very similar in body shape, so it is possible that all belong to the same species. Our largest specimens are around 8 cm long and obviously males. That means they are fully grown or at least sexually mature. Females stay smaller and are less colorful. All species of Chaetostoma have proofed so far to be easy to keep and to breed. In general they have to be kept like Ancistrus, but prefer a bit stronger current and temperatures between 20-24°C. So hopefully these magnificent creatures will become established in the hobby.

For our customers: Chaetostoma sp. Tiger” has code 214844, Ch. sp. “Tingo Red” 214824 and Ch. sp. “Pisqui River” 214874 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Lexicon: Chaetostoma: ancient Greek, means “bristle mouth”.

Suggestion of a common name: does not seam to make sense currently.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer