Apistogramma sp. Masken has been described as Apistogramma paulmuelleri

17. June 2013

Currently more than 80 species of Apistogramma are described and scientifically accepted. About 60 additional species are already known, but not described scientifically. A pretty species of Apistogramma has been imported from Peru since the middle of the 1980ies. Due to the nice pattern of red and blue colours in the face, the species has been given the provisionally name Apistogramma sp. Masken (the German term Masken means mask).

The species seems to be restricted to the Departamento Loreto in Peru, where it lives in soft (6-149 µS/cm), acidic (pH 4.5 – 5.6) and warm (25-30°C), clear water. However, the species has proofed to be quite adaptable in aquaria and can be kept and bred under variable conditions. Males attain a total length of about 6 cm, females of about 4 cm.

Currently we have very nice wild collected specimens of Apistogramma paulmuelleri in stock.

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Lexicon: Apistogramma: ancient Greek, means “with unreliable line”. It is not known wether the lateral line organ or the pattern is meant. paulmuelleri: dedication name for the biogeographer Paul Müller (1940 – 2010).

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer