Many fantastic Apistogramma arrived!

26. November 2012

Our staff member Harald Jahn returned this week from his trip to Brazil and soon after him came the very special selected Apistogramma he ordered from the fishermen. Of course the fish have to settle a bit before we can make nice photos of them, so we show you the species in the famous pictures made by Dieter Bork from fully grown males.

The following species reached us:

Apstogramma diplotaenia – one of the most wanted Apistogramma at all, code 618641

Apistogramma elizabethae – the red bellied variety from Sao Gabriel, code 618712

Apistogramma mendezi Santa Isabel – also a red bellied variety of that beautiful animal, code 624782

Apistogramma mendezi – even the “normal” variety is a real eyeburner and rarely seen in the market, code 624812

Apistogramma sp. Miua – similar to the former, but with a different caudal fin pattern, code 624822

Apistogramma sp. Wilhelmi – a breathtaking beautiful relative of A. agassizi with a lilac chin spot, code 630713

All species are, however, available in limited numbers only. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.