Wonderful German Bred South American Cichlids

20. August 2009

Some of the larger cichlids of South American belong to the most beautiful freshwater fish at all. We have recently obtained four species of them, all top German bred quality.

Geophagus winemilleri, a breathtaking species from Venezuela, belonging to the Gephagus-surinamensis-group, code 682601

Bujurquina oenolaemus, a splendid Bolivian, a mouthbrooding species from the Aequidens relationship, code 634551

Geophagus sp. Rio Sao Franzisco, an openbrooder that belongs to the Geophagus brasiliensis group and developes much red coloration, code 682131

Astronotus ocellatus “Bahia”, a wild type of oskar which has deep red colours in the belly region when adult, code 633281

More details on those wonderful fish will be availble soon in our fish archieves.

Text: Frank Schäfer, photos: Thomas Weidner