Wonderful large growing cichlids from Brazil

28. June 2013

Currently we can offer some top-rarities among the cichlids, wild collected in Brazil.

Chaetobranchus flavescens is a species that feeds mainly on plankton. Despite the wide distribution it is hardly ever imported. So still nobody knows anything on the mode of reproduction in that species. It attains a maximum length of almost 30 cm and gets very pretty extensions on the fins when fully grown.

Chaetobranchus flavescens, 10-12 cm, Code 635505

Oscars are hardly ever offered as wild collected ones. The specimen we currently have in stock originate from the state of Para. Many specimens have very nice red spots.

Astronotus ocellatus Para wild, 9-12 cm, Code 632524

We were able to import a pair of adult Uaru from the vicinity of Santarem. These fish are very impressive and sober.

Uaru amphiacanthoides Santarem, 18-22 cm, Code 688497

Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer