Dwarf Shrimp Red Tiger

18. August 2014

Tiger Dwarf Shrimp belongs to the species that is known already for
quite a long time in the hobby. However, there is still a Babylonian
mess regarding the correct scientific name of the animals. But most
authors currently think that the species Caridina cantonensis is at
least the closest described relative of the Tiger Dwarf Shrimp. So it is
best to name them Caridina cf. cantonensis.

is exactly the same scientific name applied on the Crystal Red and the
Bee Dwarf Shrimp. And in fact all these dwarf shrimps can be crossed and
the offspring is fertile over generations. This is important to know
for all who are interested in breeding shrimps. One must keep the
different varieties separately, otherwise a mix will appear.

Red Tiger Dwarf Shrimp is a very pretty sport of the common Tiger Dwarf
Shrimp. It differs from its well-known ancestors in no other respect
than the coloration.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer