Finally: an import from Guinea!

11. November 2013

The political situation in Guinea is not stable at all. So it is very difficult to organize an importation from there. But now we were successful once more and we proudly present to you some of the ornamental fish species from Guinea:

Aplocheilichthys normani

A single specimen of that lampeye is a quite drab creature, but a larger school of them in a tank with dimmed light is like magic! The blue eyes drift like small fireflies through the underwater world – wonderful!

Code 302392 on our stocklist

Pseudepiplatys annulatus

The Clown killi is one of the smallest species of killifish at all and a perfect fish for so-called nano tanks.

Code 322002 on our stocklist

Polypterus ansorgii

Opposite attracts. Some hobbyists like small fish, some other one like large fish. A species for the latter group is the very rare Polypterus ansorgii, which we have obtained in specimens of 35-60 cm length.

Code 162407, 162408, and 162409 on our stocklist

Pelvicachromis rubrolabiatus Dinkinya

In this pretty cichlid the females are even more attractive than the males. The fish were also a containment of the present import from Guinea. Male become around 10 cm long, females stay smaller.

Code 559533 on our stocklist.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer