Guinea-import arrived!

10. March 2015

we were able to organize an importation from Guinea once again! It
contains a number of varieties from the Pelvicachromis-humilis-complex
(Liberia Red, Dighiya, Sierra Leone, Falesade, P. signatus), the rare P.
roloffi, beautiful Hemichromis (H. cristatus, H. letourneauxi, H. sp.
Guinea II), some rare species of Polypterus (P. ansorgii, P.
buettikoferi, P. palmas), and dwarf fishes: the lampeye Aplocheilichthys
normani, the charming Pseudepiplatys annulatus, and the dwarf tetras
Lepidarchus adonis and Ladigesia roloffi.

And here, as first appetizers, the dwarf tetras:

Ladigesia roloffi

beautiful tetra becomes only 3-4 cm long. Nevertheless it should be
kept in comparatively large aquaria, for it loves to swim a lot. The
males can be easily recognized by the shape of the anal fin. The sense
of that structure is not researched yet. The species is very peaceful. A
dark gravel is the best choice for a tank for Ladigesia, because the
unusual orange coloration of the fins is shown most intensively by
specimens kept over dark bottom.

Lepidarchus adonis

Adonis tetra also becomes only 3 cm long. However, it has a completely
different temper, compared with its orange-finned cousin: Adonis tetras
are very quiet fish that love dense plantation and lots of hiding
places. Small tanks are much better suited for keeping them than large
tanks, because in the latter they simply get lost. Males and females
differ significantly by coloration and the finnage. One keeps this
little jewels best in company of their own kind or maybe along with
Pseudepiplatys annulatus or other, really peaceful dwarf species.

our customers: Ladigesia roloffi has code 144003, Lepidarchus adonis
code 145302 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the
wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer