• Schismatogobius risdawatiae

    11. October 2018

    The dragonet gobies (Schismatogobius) are small species of freshwater gobies, that reach between 3 and 5 cm length. They live in small rivulets near the coast but above the tide on sandy bottoms. Here they burry themselves very fast if necessary. The larvae devolop – as far as this known – in the sea. The […]

  • Schismatogobius roxasi

    17. March 2015

    The genus Schismatogobius contents currently 10 described species. All are small, only 3-5 cm long pure freshwater inhabitants. As no species is of commercial value and the tiny fish burry themselves extremely fast in the sand when disturbed the whole genus is only very unsatisfyingly researched so far. Two species have been reported fromTaiwan: Schismatogobius […]

  • Schismatogobius ampluvinculus

    9. February 2010

    We received for the first time now this cute goby from Taiwan. Especially when it is in the right mood it looks extremely pretty due to its contrasting black-and-white coloration. One of the generic characteristics of Schismatogobius is the fact that they have an individual coloration: there are not even two specimens with the exact […]