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Wonderful Red-Backed Congo Tetras (Bathyaethiops greeni) arrived!

18. December 2015

Finally we were able to organize an import from the Congo once more. This time
the shipment contained very nice Red-Backed Congo Tetras (Bathyaethiops
greeni). Generally speaking this species can be rather easily
distinguished from other species of the genus; but due to one confusion
in the aquarium literature it is almost impossible to clarify this in
the trade. In hobby literature B. greeni has been determined as
Phenacogrammus breuseghemi. That species really exists, it also
originates from the Congo and is also now placed in Bathyaethiops, but
it looks different. The caudal spot of the real B. breuseghemi is much
smaller than the caudal spot of B. greeni. In the real B.
breuseghemi that spot covers only half of the height of the caudal
peduncle, so above and below the spot the regular silver colour of the
body is visible. Sadly the Red-Backed Congo Tetra is imported only very
rarely. So we had to use also the name “Phenacogrammus breuseghemi” on
our stocklist despite we know it better.

For our customers: the fish have code 158303 (lg) and 158304 (xlg, photos)
on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer