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Nothobranchius eggersi Kubiti-Utete 07

11. October 2017

Among the most variable species of kiliifish is Nothobranchius eggersi, the Orchid nothobranch. This species has been discovered on an expedition in winter 1980/81 by Lothar Seegers, Gerd Eggers, and Christel Kasselmann in eastern Tanzania. One year later L. Seegers described the species scientifically. The species lives endemic in the Rufiji river basin. The type locality is south of Kibiti on the bank of the Ruhoi river. Here the first four specimens  were collected in a ditch.

Due to the high degree of variability it is very important to spread offspring with a correct locality/collecting site information: this has a long tradition among killifish freaks. Even we in the wholesale trade try our best to use this naming wherever possible.

Keeping and breeding Nothobranchius eggersi is comparable to that of other species of nothobranch; the species is usually not very much demanding. Although the lifespan in the wild is usually only a few weeks they can live in the aquarium up to 16 months. If young fish are feed heavily they can reach sexual maturity at an age of 20 days. They are about 22 mm long then. Maximum size reported is 4-5 cm (males), females always stay much smaller.

For our customers: the animals have code 330503 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Available in small numbers only!

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer