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Corydoras cf. urucu

2. November 2018

Once again we were able to import a new catfish, whose identity raises many questions. The fish were offered to us as Corydoras evelynae, a species that was described by only one specimen with a very inaccurate location (“upper Solimoes”, which includes an area larger than Germany). Our new imports were collected in the surroundings of Labrina in the Rio Mucuin in the central entry of the Rio Purus. According to our exporters there are very similar fish also in Rio Urucu and Rio Jutai, both tributaries of the Solimoes, but very far away from Rio Mucuim.

If one disregards the place of discovery, our new imports are very similar to Corydoras urucu, which was described in 2009 from the river of the same name. However, C. urucu is said to be a dwarf species that should not grow larger than 2-3 cm, while our largest animals are well twice as big. Obviously, this is a species complex that needs to be explored in more detail.

Our fish are very variable in terms of pattern. In fact, some animals are coloured similar to C. evelynae and have a back bandage dissolved to dots, while the majority of animals remind of Corydoras arcuatus in colour. However, the body shape is quite different from that of C. arcuatus and is more reminiscent of the relatives of C. loretoensis.

For our customers: the animals have code 248105 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesalers.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer