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Parambassis lala

15. August 2017

The Indian Glass Perch is an old aquarium fish, the first importation was as early as 1905. Nevertheless there are still totally wrong rumours on it. So it is often said that P. lala would prefer brackish water. But this is nonsense the fish occurs exclusively in pure freshwater where it lives in schools.

Due to confusion with other, similar species it is also often said that P. lala would reach a length of about 8 cm. In fact P. lala never becomes larger than 3-4 cm. Males of P. lala have a very pretty whitish-blue seam along the anal and the dorsal fin, which lacks in females. Keeping the Indian Glass Perch is easy, but the fish not accept dried food, but only frozen or live food items.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer