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Hypancistrus spec. L 401

6. December 2019

This in the DATZ 12/05 newly introduced very beautiful Hypancistrus variant is currently available in small quantities. The animals remind in their habitus of L 333 and are sometimes confused with them.

All in all L401 are more dainty, somewhat more stretched and reach only a total-length of maximum 12 cm, while L 333 can reach 16 cm of total-length. However, the most conspicuous difference is to be seen in the golden-yellow ground-color on which a dark brown line-pattern looms. In the English-speaking area and in Japan, they are known under the name “golden mega clown zebra” due to this coloring.

In respect of maintanace, they hardly differ from other Hypancistrus species. They like a diet with a carnal emphasis, but are not averse to occasional cucumber or courgette gifts. With good water hygiene, temperatures above 27°C and a high oxygen content they can be well cared for. They make no special demands on the chemical-physical properties of the water. They could be bred by the author at pH 7,9, DGH 12, KH 6 and a conductivity of 350mS. The young fish grow slowly and seem to be somewhat more sensitive than young L 333.

For our customers: the animals have code 26480-L 401-2 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesalers.

Text: Klaus Diehl, photos: Frank Schäfer