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Congochromis sabinae and C. sp. „Green Speckle“

29. September 2017

We obtained these beautiful and extremely rarely offered dwarf cichlids as bycatches with other fishes from the Congo. Congochromis sabinae was prior to its scientific description known under a number of trade names: C. sp. „Bloody Mary“, C. sp. „Gemena“, C. sp. „Bamanja“ or C. sp. „Makoua, all of them also in the combination with the former generic placement Nannochromis. Only two specimens were found among butterfly barbs (Enteromius hulstaerti) that developed luckily to a very nice pair. Sadly we can offer only this single pair…

Congochromis sp. „Green Speckle“ were among our imports of Microctenopoma ansorgii. We have twice as much of them than of C. sabinae: two pairs! These fish are much larger than out C. sabinae and remind one a bit in Pelvicachromis. Females of C. sp. „Green Speckle“ have a metalic green  spot on the hips, which can disappear completely in different moods. By the way: the abilty to change the coloration is phenomenal in this species!

For our customers: C. sabinae have code 554661 on our stocklist, C. sp. „Green Speckle“ code 554684. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Available in very small numbers only!

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer