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Myxocyprinus asiaticus

27. February 2017

We have the Chinese Whimple Carp, sometimes called the Batman-Loach, almost anytime in stock. Sadly the species is in danger of extinction in the wild, mainly due to hydroelectric power stations. All specimens traded come from aquaculture and are bred in captivity.

Usually we get the fish from Singapore, but as a test we ordered some from a new supplier from Honkong now. Of course we observed these fish very carefully and found that there are two different phenotypes. Some specimens are reddish and the mighty dorsal fin is rounded at its tip. Others are rather black-and-white and the dorsal fin of these fish is much more pointed. Both phenotypes can be found in fish of the same size, the photographed ones are both 10-12 cm long. Do these differences in coloration represent the different sexes? That would be astonishing, as all whimple carps in the trade are still small juveniles. This fish can attain a maximum length of about 1.2 metres and a weight of about 23 kg; the adults look totally different, too.

Well, we will see. We will put the two photo models in a 5.000 litre tank and see how they develop.

Due to their maximum size only juveniles can be kept in normal sized home aquaria. Later the fish have to move in really big tanks or garden ponds. The species is winter-hardy in central Europe. They are much sought for to be kept along with koi carps, for Myxocyprinus is a algae eater and helps to keep the pond clean.

For our customers: the fish have code 438003 (6-8 cm) and 438005 (10-12 cm). Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer