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Megalechis thoracata „Albino“

24. March 2017

The Port Hoplo Megalechis thoracata – maybe the synonym (now invalid) name Hoplosternum thoracatum is more familar to some readers – is one of the earliest aquarium fish at all. The fish has only one real disadvantage: the maximum size, which is about 15 cm (or sometimes even larger). However, the species has a comparatively small mouth and so it fits quite well in a community tank with more robust and somewhat larger fish. Megalechis have a great fan community who calls them the „fighting sausages“.

Breeding Megalechis is very interesting, for male Port Hoplos build up a foam nest, similar to that known from anabantoids. Megalechis prefers to build it under a swimming item (breeders often use the covers of old coffee boxes, but this is hardly ever available in the wild). The male is very pugnacious while guarding the nest and will even jump in the keeper´s face if this curious person comes too close to the nest!

Until now no artificial sports became known from Megalechis. But now we obtained from a breeder an albino sport. These animals look very attractive. We wanted to make also photos from „regular“ Port Hoplos for comparison and while looking through the animals we have in stock we also found two almost black animals! This is quite astonishing after decades of keeping and breeding Megalechis without such mutations!

For our customers: the fish have code 259322 (albinos) and 250302 (regular coloured) on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer