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Xiphophorus hellerii „guentheri Golden Stream“

8. February 2017

Once more we can present to you an interesting and beautiful wild variety of a livebearer: Xiphophorus hellerii „guentheri Golden Stream“, This unusual Green Swordtail originates from the surroundings of the Golden Stream preserve in Belize, Mexico. This presevere covers an area of about 61 km2 and contains a large number of rare and endangered species. Our specimens of Xiphophorus hellerii „guentheri Golden Stream“ are bred ones from Southeast Asia.

In Germany usually spotted swordtails are called „guentheri“. The subspecies Xiphophorus hellerii guentheri has been described from Guatemala. The „Golden Stream“ does not fit to what we think is a guentheri, but the name has been accepted widely in the community of liveberaer enthusiasts so we feel that the name should not be changed without eager need. It is by far more important that such animals are bred in pure strains. Only under these conditions it will be possible in the future to study behaviour and genetics of wild fish. There do exist already enough artifical sports and crosses.

One of the pecularities of the „Golden Stream“ is that there still exists a natural polymorphism in males. One can obain from the same brood small, tiny, often very colourful males and real bulls that have about the double body mass compared with their small conspecifics. These so called early and late males appear initially in any population of swordtail, but in the domesticated strains the breeders often eliminate the small early males and so only large, late males exist. 

The males of the „Golden Steam“ often exhibit dark vertical stripes on the shoulder. All in all the „Golden Stream“ is a wonderful wild type of swordtail that can be recommended warmly to all hobbyists interested in studies of behaviour and genetics; but a hobbyist that simply enjoys beautiful fish will also make a good choice in buying Xiphophorus hellerii „guentheri Golden Stream“.

For our customers: the fish have code 421268 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer