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Poecila mexicana Campeche

23. August 2017

The wild mollys from Central America were always and will stay an enigma for generations of scientists. In each brook the fish look somewhat different. And as if that would not be eough, they also have within every population different shaped males: small and slender early ripe male, large and deep bodies late ripe males and males that are somewhere in between. So it isn´t sure at all, if the splendid fish we can offer now  – they were bred in Southeast Asia – really belong to the species P. mexicana or to P. sphenops or to P. limantouri. However, from a practical point of view these questions are rather irrelevant. 

It is very important to supply always the additional term „Campeche“ – this is the locality where the initial stock has been collected – for otherwise unwanted crosses cannot be excluded.

These wild type mollys are a real challenge for hobby breeders. In contrast to Black Mollys, Silver Mollys and so on the young fish grow extremely slowly. But the adult fish reward the keeper with their lively behaviour and the brillant colours. By the way: the ability to change the coloration is breathtaking. Within seconds the males change from the silvery neutral pattern to the blue-black display-pattern. If the fish are disturebed they can become pale at a glimpse. But the good news is: after only a few days of settling the fish only hardly can become disturbed….

For our customers: the animals have code 280558 on our stocklist. Please note that we xclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer