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Hemibagrus wyckioides

21. June 2017

The large predatory catfish from South and Southeast Asia are a very complex group from a scientific point of view. Although they are large and impressing fish (up to 130 cm long and a weight of 70-80 kg) and of some interest as food fish, the species can be told apart often only with big difficulties.

Now we received charming babies of a species of Hemibagrus. According to our supplier the fish have been bred and the breeder is sure that his fish belong to the red-tailed species H. wyckioides (natural distribution: basins of the Mekong and the Chao Phraya). There is s second species known, which s very similar, that lives more western: H. microphthalmus. This species – it stays a bit smaller – has a black caudal find. Our babies have still a colourless caudal fin, so we can´t do anything than believe the breeder. But we have selected some specimens to grow them and to see what will become of them.

These giants are suited only for owners of really large aquaria. In tanks of normal dimensions one can keep only juveniles for a short time, as the fish grow very fast. Keeping them is easy; they need a great amount of food. However, these catfish feed virtually on anything that fits the mouth and is of animalic origin. Youngsters are quite social animals, but this changes when the fish grow up.

For our customers: the fish have code 421351 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer