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Maylandia greshakei

10. November 2017

The zebra cichlids fro  Lake Malawi are very popular aquarium fishes. Among them is Maylandia greshakei, which looks very special due to its bright orange dorsal fin. In the wild – the fish is endemic to Lake Malawi – it is restricted to only two comparatively small areas, eg Crocdile Rocks and Makokola Reef, both in the southern part of the lake. This makes the species vulnerable for uncontrolled human activites. So collecting the fish for ornamental purposes is usually not allowed. All M. greshakei in the trade are bred ones.

Maylandia greshakei is sometimes also called Metriaclima greshakei. In the aquarium, this fish can attain a maximum length of about 15 cm. Such giants are never found in the natural habitat. This has two reasons. First of all a wild fish does not live long enough to grow so big. And second the food the fish get in the wild is very nutrient poor compared with almost all types of typical fish food for ornamental fish. The correct feeding is the key for beautiful and healthy Maylandia, for fat animals become drab and sick. The balance between good and varied nutrients and fibres is crucial. Correctly fed bred fish are as beautiful as wild collected ones.

As in all cichlids from lake Malawi the pH should never drop below 8. In all other respects of water the fish are undemanding. A lot of waterchanges are recommended to keep the fish fit and healthy and the fsih will show a maximum of coloration if kept that way.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer