Gobio gobio, gudgeon

7. May 2020

The gudgeon, Gobio gobio, is one of the smallest native fish. It usually grows to 8-12 cm, rarely over 15 cm long. The record is said to be 21 cm, but such giants are as rare as people over 2.20 m long. Because of its small size and pretty colouring (compared to the mostly silvery other native species) it has been kept in aquariums since the beginning of aquarium science, where it thrives very well. The water temperature can be in the range of 15-25°C, which can be easily realized in living rooms even today, avoiding long lasting temperatures above 22°C and aiming for a cool hibernation at around 8°C and 6-8 hours of light.

The gudgeon is a bottom fish that likes to swim in a troop with its own kind and is completely peaceful against other fish. It needs open bottom areas of sand and gravel where it looks for its food, which consists of small animals of all kinds (in the aquarium any usual fish food that sinks to the bottom). Vegetable food does not play a big role and is rather accidentally included. In nature, gudgeons are mainly found in clear, often flowing water. The aquarium should therefore be well maintained and have only a little mulm on the bottom.

The gudgeon is only suitable for the garden pond if it fulfils its requirements for clear, clean water and free ground surfaces with sand and gravel. The gudgeon cannot live in fully grown swamp ponds.

Gudgeons spawn in gravel; they do not care for their brood.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer