Biotoecus sp. „Tapajos – New“

6. July 2007

For quite a while Aquarium Glaser imports this dwarfcichlid regularly from Rio Tapajos in Brasil. This Cichlids, which only get approx. 4-5cm can be kept in pairs in smaller aquariums from 50 ltr and up already. If the aquarium is bigger, a larger group can be brought in, but in doing so a slightly surplus of females would be recommandable. The feeding is rather easy, as long as you can regularly offer smaller live or frozen food. Dry food will only be accepted in absolute special cases. The aquarium can be planted exuberantly, as plants are not getting noticed or even eaten. As they are cave brooders, you should leave the area in front of the cave entrances free from plants, so that the fish can dig there carefreely in the sand. But please note that you will not find a desert landscape, because only small quantities of sand can be moved with regards to the final size of the fish. Unfortunately the tender pastels only show to advantage in soft and sour water, so that the fish are quite demanding on the water condition. If Biotoecus sp. “Tapajos-New” really is a new species, was not claryfied yet, but it seems rather likely that it is a population of Biotoecus opercularis. (Photo & Text by T. Weidner)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Brasilien, Tapajos