Carassius auratus „Weißer Komet“

6. July 2007

At the first warm days of march humans get a certain urge to go outdoors. In the garden is exactly looked how everything becomes green and also the pond gets a first critical inspection and stocktaking. Who wants to supplement the fish population, can plan now and should include the white comet to its considerations. This variant of the gold fish represents, with its silvery white colouring and the strongly extended caudal fin, a magnificent alternation to the “normal” gold fish. In its requirements for maintenance it corresponds to these, i.e. one should grant them generously space. With approximately 45 l per full grown gold fish (15 cm) no problems are to be expected. The pond should have a sufficiently dimensioned filter so that the metabolites, arising with strong feeding, can be diminished. A hibernation in the pond is possible, the precondition is then a large water volume to avoid fast oscillations in temperature, since these can cause difficulties and diseases to the gold fish.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

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