Cichlasoma boliviense

12. February 2020

In the past, the genus Cichlasoma included practically all the larger Central and South American cichlids, more than 200 species; currently there are only 16 species in the genus, all were cultivated and valued in the early days of aquarium science as Aequidens portalegrense. It is rarely possible to distinguish the 16 scientifically described Cichlasoma species with certainty, as they form numerous colour and local variants. If – as in the present case – the original location is unknown, one can only roughly indicate to which species the animals are closest.

The very beautiful Cichlasoma, which we can offer as offspring from a German breeder, were discovered by him in a pet shop; these animals were probably already bred. They are obviously the closest to the species Cichlasoma boliviense. 

All Cichlasoma species in the narrower sense are comparatively tolerable, calm cichlids; the larger the aquarium, the less important are occasional digging and the very rare tantrums. C. boliviense grows to about 14 cm in length, but is already capable to breed when half grown. The species is temperature tolerant (20-28°C) and can be kept in any water that is suitable for drinking. The animals are open spawners and form a parent family. If a pair leads their offspring, there should be plenty of hiding places available for possible tankmates, because C. boliviense are very good parents who do not allow other fish to eat their cubs… 

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Text: Frank Schäfer, photos: Thilo Hanold