Coenobita cavipes

10. January 2011

For the first time we can offer this interesting species of terrestrial hermit crab in a xxl- format! Besides this the animals also bear extremely beautiful shells of marine snails.

Keeping these terrestrial hermit crabs does not differ from other species. This means one has to keep them in groups; the terrarium has to contain enough soil (15-20 cm deep) that the animal can burry itself completely during moulting; at least two bowls filled with daily changed water, one with fresh and one with seawater, are needed as drinking water and for keeping the breathing organs functionable (although the hermit crabs live exclusively on land and can even die by drowning, they breath through specialized gills that have to be kept moist to stay functional). Hermit crabs are omnivorous so feeding them is no problem at all.

Detailed informations on terrestrial hermit crabs can be found in TerralogNews No 95 (English version available online problably January 2011 via

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Lexicon: Coenobita: derived from the Latin word for “monastery” or “religious community”. cavipes: Latin, means “with hollow foot”.

Suggestion of a common name: Big land hermit crab

Text & photo: Frank Schäfer

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