Danionella dracula

28. January 2010

Danionella dracula Danionella dracula Danionella dracula Danionella dracula

Danionella are extremely small cyprinids, which never grow larger than 2 cm. The species that was discovered first – Danionella translucida – was thought to be the smallest cyprinid in the world, until the even smaller genus Paedocypris was discovered.

Currently, four species are recognized by science, three from Burma and one from northern India. It was only last year (2009) that a new species from Burma was described and given the unusual name Danionella dracula. Although no cyprinid has real teeth on the jaws it was found in males of the new Danionella that under the mikroskope small teeth-like extensions on the jaws became visible. The two foremost pairs of “teeth” are even fang-like, which reminded the describers on the fangs of the legendary vampire Count Dracula. Sadly these “teeth” are not visible in live specimens.

Danionella are not difficult to keep at all. However, due to their small size they need tiny live food and should be kept in one-species-tanks. But they are neither getting sicknesses easily nor are they delicate. They are kept best at room temperature (18-22°C). They spawn in javamoss or on filter foam. Water chemistry is of little importance, best is medium hard water and a neutral pH.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Burma
Verfügbare Größe in cm 1.5-2