Geosesarma sp. VAMPIRE

6. July 2007

Geosesarma sp. VAMPIRE Geosesarma sp. VAMPIRE Geosesarma sp. VAMPIRE Geosesarma sp. VAMPIRE

March 2006: They are among us. Fortunately only in a small number: Vampire crabs! With a close look the horror will pack you, remind the ends of its shears very strongly of the carnassial teeth of vampires. At night one would like to meet them with their shiny red eyes in no case. Now in seriousness. We could import only a small number of these fantastic looking Geosesarma species originating from Sulawesi. Their small size and beautiful colouring make it one of the most remarkable new imports of the last time. As a fresh-water crab it is ideally suitable for the Aqua- Terrarium or Paludarium. Their bizarre appearance and strong colours let them become an absolute eye catcher in the room jungle. Perhaps future owners of the small Vampires should gather a garlic supply, because you do not know what will happen at night.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Indonesien, Sulawesi
Name Vampire Crab