Gymnocorymbus cf. thayeri

18. February 2014

Gymnocorymbus cf. thayeri

Sometimes we obtain animals as so-called accidental catches. And sometimes these fish have never been reported so far from the area we got them from. The silver widow tetra (Gymnocorymbus thayeri) is a close relative to one of the most popular tetras in the hobby, the black widow tetra (G. ternetzi). Both look quite similar to each other, but the silver widow has a golden or silver basic colour and an attractive, copper-red eye.
The silver widow is reported so far only from the upper Amazon in Bolivia and Colombia and in Brazil. We now received three specimens as by-catch to a new species of Serrapinnus from Peru (see To the best of our knowledge this is the first report of G. thayeri for Peru.
However, it is possible that our fish represent also a new species. Thus we decided to name them cf. thayeri (cf. stands for “confer”, a Latin word that means “compare with”).

Lexicon: Gymnocorymbus: means “with naked crest”; this refers to the scaleless region in the neck. thayeri: dedication name for N. Thayer, who sponsored an important ichtyological expedition through South America from 1865-1866.

Common name: Silver widow tetra

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

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Herkunft Peru