Heros sp. Manacapuru

4. September 2020

Manacapuru is the third largest city in the state of Amazonas in Brazil. It is located about 80 km west of Manaus at the confluence of the Rio Manacapuru and the Amazon. A large, lake-like extension of the Rio Manacapuru near the city is called Lago Cabaliana. 

From the surroundings of Manacapuru, especially the red-backed angelfish have become famous. But there are also wonderful local forms of other cichlids. One of them is the Heros sp. Manacapuru. “Technically” the species belongs most likely to H. efasciatus, but as the fine systematics of this cichlid species is not really understood, it seems more reasonable at present to use the locality name instead of an uncertain species name.

We currently have beautiful German offspring of this Heros in stock.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer