Hyphessobrycon flammeus

6. July 2007

The Flame Tetra, Fire Tetra, or Von Rio Tetra is a well established aquarium guest. Its origin is the proximity of Rio de Janeiro in Eastern Brazil, where it occurs in coastal rivers. As swarm fishes they need the society of conspecifics. Since the optical impression of the observer depends on the swarm size, it makes little sense to pack small swarms of several similar looking species in the aquarium. Substantially more impressively a swarm of more than 30 animals of a species is to be held. Also the fish feel therein better, it obtains security and the colors begin to shine. With a length of 4cm the Von Rio Tetra is an excellent candidate for large swarms, particularly since it has neither against the water condition nor against the food special requirements. Corys and small loricariids are suitable tankmates for the ground, hatchetfishes for the upper regions of the tank.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Brasilien