Macrobrachium rosenbergii

26. November 2007

(26.Nov.2007)The genus Macrobrachium rosenbergii is playing a very important role in the Aquaculture in many regions of asia. Mainly in Thailand they are bred in huge numbers for human consumption. This shrimp belongs to the family Palaemonidae and from time to time they are mported to Europe. But when you find this very nice shrimp in a shop, do not underestimate this item: they grow up to 25-30cm body-size, including their claws even up to 50cm!!! Therefore they should only be kept by experienced hobbyists! Needless to say that they need big tanks with many places to hide. But this real beauty is worth to be kept, check the beautiful picture by Chris Luckhaup! Mentionable is that they are sensitive during the time of transport, so single packing in big bags is very important to guarantee a save arrival.(Photo C.Luckhaup, Text R.Neunkirchen)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Thailand
Verfügbare Größe in cm 7-9