Micropterus salmoides

6. July 2007

Something special for your pond. The Largemouth Bass originates from the eastern part of the United States where they occur from the Canadian border down to Mexico. In the meantime they were spread in numerous countries as game fish and can therefore be found also in Europe. They prefer quiet, well warmed waters without a current and with dense vegetation. This biotope gives them protection and hiding places for sneak up their prey. They can get up to 100 cm long and a reach a weight up to 15 kg. As predators they feed on water insects and their larvae, crayfish and fish. The spawning takes place in the spring as a function of the water temperature. They spawn in nests built by the male, eggs and larvae are guarded by the male to approximately one month after the free swimming.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

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