Mountain crystal tetra, Leptagoniates pi

5. June 2009

Glassfishes occur in many fish families. In the hobby we know for example glass perches (Parambassis etc.) and glass catfishes (Kryptopterus); occasionally also glass gobies (Gobiopterus) and Crystal danios (Danionella) are kept in aquaria. All these fishes come from South and South East Asia. Now we were able to import from South America a species new for the hobby: the Mountain crystal tetra, Leptagoniates pi. We obtained the fish from Peru, the species was oringinally described from Bolivia. The fish attains a length of about 4 cm. Very characteristic and species-specific is the swim bladder, which is parted in two and has a connection on the top, thus forming a figure that reminds one to the ancient greece letter „Pi“. This is why the species is named as it is.

The very special form of the swim bladder can be seen on this photo.

Mountain crystal tetras are very peaceful fishes, maybe a bit shy. They should be always kept in schools. Although they are so colourless (or maybe due their colourlessness?) they are real eyecatchers. The Mountain crystal tetra can be kept in community tanks without problems. Any usual fish food is readily taken, aquatic plants will not become damaged by the fish.

For our customers: the animals have code 266002 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply to the wholesale trade.

Text and photos: Frank Schäfer